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Behind the Scenes of an Air Medical Transport


Behind the Scenes of an Air Medical Transport

Patient pick-up and delivery is certainly the most visible aspect of air medical transportation, but it is really just one piece of a larger emergency transport picture.  The fact is, there are many elements and stages involved in every air ambulance journey, and all require meticulous coordination: from ground ambulances to patient discharge and timely organ procurement, every critical detail must be managed with unwavering precision by medical airlift companies. Here at iLife, there are several crucial stages of behind-the-scenes preparation that must take place for any air ambulance flight to safely succeed.

Stage 1: Organizing information. After we’ve decided to move forward with a medical flight, details like patient medical history, recent test results, and current medical information must be reviewed. Critical Care patients, persons on Basic Life Support, and the elderly all have very different needs, and this information must be documented accurately to determine a host of variables. Our Flight Coordinators carefully sort through all such patient information, as well as insurance paperwork, and case worker issues where necessary.

Stage 2: Choosing the right tools and team. Based on the information collected by our Flight Coordinators, we determine the appropriate aircraft, medical personnel, and equipment for your air ambulance flight. Our trained team includes a registered nurse, respiratory therapist, physician, and more to provide you with expert, specific care during your air medical transportation. And our vast supply of equipment includes ventilators, CPR tools, ECGs, cardiac defibrillators, and dysrhythmia monitoring units to ensure every patient’s needs are met accurately.

Stage 3: Maintaining constant communication. Once the patient and air ambulance crew are en route, iLife’s ground team stays in touch with them for the flight’s duration. This constant flow of information allows us to make last-minute changes, organize or alter ground transportation, alert staff at the destination of any concerns, or provide a different course of medical treatment, to name a few.

That’s because we at iLife strive to be prepared for every possible unknown. Our strong, certified medical team and 40,000 completed mission flights have give us the capability to effectively handle the unexpected. And while we can never know exactly what will happen during every air ambulance flight, we come mentally, physically, and technically prepared for a variety of possible circumstances. We provide reliable, comfortable medical flights throughout the United States, as well as international air ambulance service in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Every complex detail of each flight is expertly handled by a professional Flight Coordinators to provide you with safe, stress-free air medical transportation. Please call us at (800) 538-9875 and we’ll gladly answer questions about any aspect of our professional air ambulance services, or contact us online to learn more.

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