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Emergency Organ and Recipient Transportation


Emergency Organ and Recipient Transportation

An organ transplant is one of the most intense, stressful, and time-critical events that a person can be faced with. Often, patients have a very small window of time during which they must be transported to the organ or have the organ delivered to them. Whether ground or air ambulances are used, it requires a fast, skilled, coordinated medical transport team to help see the life-dependent task through successfully.

Sometimes it is most feasible to bring you, the recipient, to the donor organ. In this scenario, an air ambulance transport team arranges pick up from your home or hospital and delivers you to the transplant center once an organ has become available. Other times, it is more reasonable to transport the organ to you so as not to risk further medical complications. Here, the ambulance air team travels to the awaiting organ, ensures its careful procurement, and delivers it safely and quickly to your location.

At International Life Flight, we strive to meet the very specific, time-sensitive demands of emergency organ and recipient transportation. From arranging ground transportation to working seamlessly with hospitals and organ transplant facilities, our air ambulance medical teams are trusted by surgeons and patients to give a strong advantage in the race against time. Whether you need transportation the donor organ or need the transplant organ brought to you, International Life Flight is known for our dependability, speed and precautionary safety measures.

Should you or someone you love require an air ambulance service for organ or recipient transportation, consider International Life Flight. Our trusted flight coordinators and professional medical staff provide effective, thoughtful solutions throughout this vital, urgent event. For more information about our air ambulances and transplant-related services, call (800) 538-9875 or contact us online.

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