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History of the Air Ambulance


History of the Air Ambulance

Air ambulances are a convenient option to quickly transport patients to any hospital or medical care facility around the globe for treatment. The medical services provided by medflights have helped to save thousands of lives over the 80 years that the industry has operated.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service, the first air ambulance service, was established on May 15, 1928 by Reverend John Flynn of Australia. He found that traditional travel by road often presented barriers to providing treatment to patients in need of medical attention, so the idea of an air ambulance service was born. The first airplane used was a De Havilland model DH50, a single-engine plane with the ability to travel 80 mph while carrying up to five passengers, including the pilot. This plane flew patients a total of 110,000 miles before it was eventually replaced. Six years later, Africa became the next continent to establish a medflight service called The Morocco Air Ambulance Service. The United States then established an air ambulance service a short time later in 1947.

Over the years, the air ambulance industry has made major advancements due to both changes in services offered and technology. We at International Life Flight pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of excellence in flight and medical services to ensure that every patient is transported safely and comfortably to their end destination.

Our airplanes are pressurized, climate controlled and configured with a reclining medical bed with oxygen, suction, air compressor and inverter. Each of our airplanes also includes an ICU with capabilities, such as cardiac monitoring and advanced airway management. Your medical flight crew, which consists of a nurse and a paramedic, will have direct communication with emergency room physicians should anything go wrong during your medflight.

In addition to expert medical care, we at International Life Flight also understand that you may be looking for quick transportation as time can be of the essence in medical emergencies. Our Lear Jet is capable of flying at a speed of 550 mph with a range of approximately 1,800 miles, which is an astounding increase from the 80 mph capability of the first ever air ambulance.

If you are in need of a medflight, consider the services of International Life Flight. Our pilots and medical crew have safely flown a combined 40,000 air ambulance trips and are available to safely and quickly transport you to any location around the world. Please call International Life Flight today at (800) 538-9875 or contact us online for more information on medflights in your area.

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