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Medical Evacuation of a Cruise Ship


Medical Evacuation of a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships travel to numerous destinations around the world and are a great way to enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation with good family and friends. While most people think of saving money for the trip, buying a new swimsuit and packing an appropriate wardrobe, few think of preparing in case of an unexpected medical emergency.

Many cruise ships have excellent medical facilities on board, which are staffed by independently contracted nurses and physicians who can treat a wide range of problems from minor issues, such as seasickness, to more serious conditions, such as respiratory problems or fractured and broken bones. Many ships have cardiac life support, x-ray equipment and telemedicine capabilities, which allow the onboard medical staff to communicate with specialists on shore. Typically, all the medical care you need can be conveniently found right on board the ship.

If a severe health condition or injury were to abound, however, the cruise ship medical facilities often do not have the equipment available to provide the appropriate treatment. In this case, medical evacuation is absolutely necessary. The medical staff will work with a hospital to have the patient transferred to shore as soon as possible using medical air service.

Before heading off on your cruise trip, it is in your best interest to have a plan in place should you find yourself in an emergency medical situation. Be sure to check your insurance to find out if medical treatment and medical air service is covered when you are away. This is especially important if your cruise is heading to areas outside of the United States. If your insurance plan doesn’t include these medical services, you should look into purchasing travel insurance that includes coverage for medical air service.

It is easy to obtain an injury while on a cruise, whether it is breaking a bone or receiving an injury from an animal while in the ocean. It is also possible that you may happen to suffer from a cardiac issue, such as a heart attack, while away on vacation. Having a plan in place in the case of an emergency will help you to get the treatment you or a loved one needs as quickly as possible. If you are interested in medical air service, International Life Flight can pick you up from any location throughout the world and deliver you to any medical facility you choose. Our air ambulances offer basic life support and acute care capabilities, ensuring that you remain in stable condition until you arrive at a medical care facility for treatment. Please call International Life Flight today at (800) 538-9875 or contact us online for more information on medical air service.

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