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Protect Business Travelers with Medical Air Ambulance Coverage


Protect Business Travelers with Medical Air Ambulance Coverage

The hardest working and most skilled employees are looking to work for companies that not only provide a great base salary, but also for those that provide a strong benefits package. If you are a company that requires your employees to travel to locations across the country, or even around the world, for business, you may want to consider adding coverage for medical air ambulance service.

This perk is something that employees could benefit greatly from in the event of an emergency and makes your company more attractive to high level employees who look for and demand additional benefits such as these. Companies are able to receive large discounts on air ambulance coverage for groups of employees, making the plans very affordable. The company can choose to cover the entire cost of medical air ambulance coverage, or it can be split into a chosen percentage between the employer and the employee.

You never know when a medical emergency will occur. While not ideal, there is always a chance that an injury or illness can arise while an employee is away from home on business. In the event of an illness or injury, employees may need to return home quickly to visit with a doctor. Providing medical air ambulance coverage will give your business travelers peace of mind knowing that they can be conveniently transported if a health emergency were to occur.

As part of a coverage plan, individuals pay affordable annual or monthly fees that significantly reduce or completely cover the cost of air ambulance services. With most plans, insurance companies require that the patient be at least 150 miles away from home to be eligible for coverage, making it the perfect plan for employees traveling to different states or countries.

If you are looking for plans for your company, be sure to find coverage that allows pickup of the patient regardless of medical condition. Having a huge list of restrictions in order to be eligible for medical air ambulance services is not beneficial for your employees. It is also important that the employee be able to choose the destination for treatment, such as their local hospital or physician’s office. Having the option to be transported home to a familiar hospital that is in the health insurance network is something your employees will enjoy.

When in need of medical air ambulance services, trust in International Life Flight. We have an experienced team of flight and medical professionals who have successfully completed 40,000 medical flights worldwide. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, our long-range jets transport patients to far away destinations for proper medical treatment. To learn more about International Life Flight, contact us online or call (800) 538-9875.

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