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Relocating a Patient with Alzheimer’s Disease


Relocating a Patient with Alzheimer’s Disease

Relocating a loved one who has Alzheimer’s is a challenging undertaking that must be met with compassion, patience, and understanding. It’s best to consult with the patient’s doctor first to ensure they have not reached the point in Alzheimer’s disease where travel will cause excess stress or emotional trauma. If the doctor confirms that they are safe and fit for relocating, there are still many other things to consider as you plan your journey. Whether it’s a family trip to a familiar destination or a transfer on a medical air flight, there are measures you can take to plan a safe and comfortable trip for everyone involved.

The most important thing is to keep it simple, as a person with Alzheimer’s may overwhelm or agitate easily. If you’re riding in a car try to take frequent breaks, and if you’re flying with a major airline you can streamline the process with special boarding passes for your family. Another option is a commercial medical escort service that can assist your loved one during the flight. An escort is an excellent alternative for people with Alzheimer’s whose families may not be able to afford private medical transportation. At iLifeFlight, we offer trained medical escorts who can administer medications and provide emergency aid to patients on commercial airliners. Patients must first be approved for these escort services.

If the person with Alzheimer’s absolutely cannot travel on a commercial airliner, consider a private medical airlift company. iLifeFlight is proud to offer comfortable Elder Relocation Flights that allow elderly patients to skip the stress of crowded airports and planes entirely. Our flight coordinators can arrange to meet the specific needs of persons with Alzheimer’s and provide your loved one with the appropriate ground transportation, medical team, and flight nurse. Private medical transportation also offers the entire family the peace of mind of knowing their elderly relative is safe in the hands of trained and caring professionals.

To find out if your loved one qualifies for our commercial medical escort services, or to learn more about our elderly med-flight options, call iLifeFlight at (425) 320-6667 or contact us online.


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