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Relocating an Elderly Loved One


Relocating an Elderly Loved One

When elderly loved ones need to be moved to a hospital, a senior community or even just closer to your home, it can be difficult, especially if they are living hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Understandably, transportation of these individuals can be an extremely stressful process as the elderly need highly specialized care to ensure that they remain safe throughout their journey. Medical air services in Scottsdale or any other location around the world are the solution. These jets are an excellent transportation option, traveling long distances to move your loved ones quickly to locations around the world.

Medical air services in Scottsdale or another city take some of the worry out of the transportation process as they provide quality, bedside-to-bedside care and arrange every detail in advance. From pick up to drop off, certified medical professionals will be by your loved one’s side to provide care for their condition and immediately administer proper medication and treatment should an emergency occur. All jets are equipped with basic life support and acute care capabilities to handle any situation. Additionally, all medications, such as insulin, and other necessary equipment will be onboard to make sure that the individual is comfortable and safe at all times.

In addition to high quality medical care and transportation services, the elderly patients are able to bypass the normal security process. It can be difficult for these individuals to wait in line, remove shoes and jackets, place luggage on conveyor belts and walk through security. When taking an air ambulance, passengers are able to board the plane without these additional steps, making the process much easier.

At International Life Flight, offering medical air services in Scottsdale and other locations around the world, we pride ourselves on providing the best, comprehensive care in a comfortable and caring environment. Every detail has been worked out so you can rest at ease knowing that your loved one will arrive at their destination safely. To learn more about International Life Flight and reserving medical air services in Scottsdale or another city around the world, contact us online or give us a call today at (800) 538-9875.

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