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Travel abroad with Repatriation Membership


Travel abroad with Repatriation Membership

A popular overseas destination may be planned for your next vacation, and your medical health shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your dream vacation. More and more Americans have begun to travel again, many retirees finally relaxing and embracing the opportunity to travel abroad and see new parts of the world.

A major concern with traveling abroad is the lingering question of what if something bad was to happen and medical transportation or return to the U.S. was required immediately. The repatriation membership services of iLife Flight acts as added travel protection in the event that you are sick or injured while away.

Your health should be entrusted to the doctor’s that you are most comfortable with, namely the doctors, nurse practitioners and hospitals that know you and understand your medical conditions. With our Scottsdale medical transportation services, a Lear Jet 35A or Hawker 700A will quickly bring you home, reuniting with your trusted physicians and state of the art treatment.

We pledge to you our highest commitment to your emergency and non-emergency aviation medical needs. We are receptive to your needs and requests, accommodating our patients whenever possible, providing specialized care while our medical flight coordinators make all arrangements for services from bedside-to-bedside, ensuring the highest quality of care throughout patient transport.

In trusting iLife Flight with your medical transportation, you gain the experience of talented flight and medical professionals who have conducted over 40,000 flights worldwide.  Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, our long-range jets take patients faster, higher and further, comfortably transporting them to another medical facility or reuniting them with family. To learn more about iLife Flight and our services, contact us online or give us a call at (800) 538-9875 and get a quote today.

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