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What is Air Medical Transport?


What is Air Medical Transport?

In situations when long range critical care is needed, the air medical transport services of International Life Flight are able to safely transport patients in a state of the art, clinical care equipped aircraft. When patients in critical care are relocated to specialized medical centers, medical professionals require the ability to care for and assist the patient along the way.

International Life Flight makes this possible, with customized aircraft outfitted with cardiac monitoring equipment, IV infusion pumps, FDA approved high altitude defibrillators, along with everything needed to handle a medical emergency. Air medical transport provided by International Life Flight creates a safe and comforting environment for the patient as they travel to a medical facility, return home or relocate near loved ones.

Flown by a crew of airline qualified pilots and accompanied by its highly trained medical crew, the aircrafts are able to reach altitudes and speeds to ensure patients reach their destination as quickly and comfortably as possible.

International Life Flight’s air medical transport services have received the highly respected WYVERN and ARG/US Platinum ratings. Both ratings attesting to the pilots of International Life flight being highly experienced veterans of the air, who meet and exceed the most stringent requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense. International Life Flight coordinates patient care in the air. Call International Life Flight at (800) 538-9875 or contact us online to learn more about our air medical transport services.

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