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You’re In Good Hands with iLife Flight


You’re In Good Hands with iLife Flight

Coordinating the demand of flight, hotel and ground transportation can be stressful even for the most experienced traveler. For those suffering from severe injury or chronic illness, traveling can become thoroughly overwhelming. Fortunately, the services of Scottsdale air ambulance of iLife Flight are here to make critical care travel safe and easy.

Always receptive to your needs, our Scottsdale air ambulance flight crew will provide you with the highest quality of medical care. The medical team at iLife Flight are qualified to treat patients requiring any range of care, providing comfort and state-of-the-art clinical facilities while safely transporting you to your destination. Each of our registered flight nurses meets the following qualifications, in addition to other requirements, ensuring patient safety:

• Graduate of accredited school of nursing (BSN preferred)
• Multi-State licensure
• 3 years critical care nursing experience

The pilots of iLife Flight’s air ambulances in Scottsdale are equally experienced. Each of our Captains are Airline Transport Pilot rated and have thousands of hours of flight experience under their belts. Whether you are flying in our Lear 35A or Hawker 700A jet, you are in good hands as our pilots provide a smooth and relaxing flight.

With your travel arrangements taken care of by iLife Flight, you can relax prior to, and during transport. Our medical flight team are available to provide anything from critical care and basic life support, to an extra blanket to make you more comfortable. Call International Life Flight at (800) 538-9875 or contact us online for more information or to schedule your own air ambulance transport today.

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