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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

imagesinteriorWhat is an air ambulance?

An air ambulance is a light to mid-sized corporate jet aircraft that has been reconfigured to provide in-flight medical care.  Air ambulances typically include an FAA approved flight stretcher, advanced life support equipment, patient specific drugs and medications, and a specialized, highly qualified flight team and medical staff of a Registered Nurse and a Paramedic.

Do I need an air ambulance?

Air ambulances are effective for patients requiring specialized medical care during long distance (over 250 miles) transportation.  Or, for a loved one or Elder (“Elder Flight”) that just cannot manage the rigors of the airport.  Patients traveling by air ambulance can be transported to medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, or to their home or the home of a loved one.

What is ‘A Continuity of Care’ in the Air?

To maintain the highest quality of care during transport, our flight medical team is with the patient through the entire transport process.

The flight medical team meets the patient at his/her bedside at the sending facility. The team then accompanies the patient in the ground transportation to the airfield. The team flies with the patient, carefully monitoring patient’s condition and comfort. Upon arrival the International Life Flight team accompanies the patient by ground to the receiving hospital or facility. Staff at the arrival facility are updated on the patients current medical and travel conditions. At the conclusion of the trip the patient has received a continuous, consistent level of care while receiving state-of-the-art care throughout the trip.

What are the qualifications of the medical staff on each flight?

All of the International Life Flight medical staff are board certified, flight certified, and have a minimum of three years experience in emergency medicine. Each Flight Medical Team member undergoes a rigorous initial orientation and skill assessment. All medical personnel are required to participate in continuing clinical education.

Flight Nurse Qualifications

  • Graduate of accredited school of nursing (BSN preferred)
  • Multi-State licensure
  • 3 years critical care nursing experience
  • Required: BCLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP
  • Required – one of: CFRN, CEN or CCRN
  • Required – one of: ITLS, PHTLS, ATLS or TNATC
  • Preferred: FNATC, NREMT-P, Emergency Nurse Pediatrics Course, Instructor status.

Flight Paramedic Qualifications

  • High School graduate
  • National Registry EMT-P
  • Multi-State Certification
  • 3 years pre-hospital experience
  • Required – one of: BLS, BTLS, PHTLS
  • Upon hire: ACLS and either ATLS or TNATC
  • Within 90 days of hire : PALS, NRP

What sort of medical equipment are the aircraft equipped with?

International Life Flight aircraft have state-of-the-art medical equipment and function as an airborne intensive care unit. Our air ambulances are pressurized, climate controlled and configured with a federally approved Med-Pac and Life Port reclining medical bed with built in oxygen, suction, air compressor, and an inverter. Additional equipment allows for cardiac monitoring, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, IV infusion pumps, pulse oximetry, emergency medication, defibrillation with pacing capabilities, and advanced airway management.

Aircraft are equipped with the Zoll M-Series ultra-lightweight patient cardiac monitor and defibrillator.

May a Companion accompany a patient on the Flight?

Whether a Companion may accompany a patient on a flight is determined on a case by case basis, depending upon the condition of the patient, the number of medical personnel on board, the length of the flight and the type of aircraft used. Please speak with one of our Flight Coordinators if you would like additional passengers on the flight.


What type of aircraft do you use?

The International Life Flight fleet currently consists of Lear Jets.  Which aircraft is used during transport depends upon the patient’s condition, length of the flight, medical team member requirements, and if passengers are traveling with the patient.  All aircraft are equipped with the same life sustaining medical equipment and flight-experienced medical teams.


International Life Flight’s Learjet

Learjet 25D
Air Speed: 545mph
Range: 1,600 sm
One Companion (when configured as an air ambulance)
Entrance Door: Executive
Cabin Height: 52″
Cabin Width: 59″
CD/DVD Player
Iridium Satellite Phone

Hawker 700A

International Life Flight’s Hawker 700A

Hawker 700A
Range: 2000 sm
Airspeed: 515
4 Companions (when configured as an air ambulance)
Enclosed Lavatory
CD/DVD Player

International Life Flight, Inc. has a formal contractual relationship with Pulver Aviation of Scottsdale, Arizona, a subsidiary of The Air Group, which holds Federal Aviation Administration, FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate No. 7PCA738M.  International Life Flight owns Learjet 25D, N499BS and Learjet 166PC, and Pulver Aviation operates these jet aircraft under Certificate 7PCA738M.  International Life Flight also leases one or more Lear 35A jet aircraft on a ‘power-by-the-hour’ basis from well vetted colleagues nationally.  And, Pulver Aviation provides the flight or lift component of International Life Flight’s basic and acute life support air ambulance services in its (ILF) owned aircraft Learjet N499BS and N166PC, from time-to-time, and for International Life Flight’s basic and acute life support services in the leased Lear Jet(s), and Pulver Aviation does so under its own Federal Aviation Administration, FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate, No. 7PCA738M.

As a traditional jet aircraft charter operator, Pulver Aviation is backed by well over a decades of experience operating fleets of executive and luxury jet aircraft – worldwide.  Pulver Aviation maintains the highly respected WYVERN and ARG/US Platinum ratings in order to ensure their clients (and you) the greatest peace of mind. From time-to-time International Life Flight may also contract with other aircraft operators who operate under their own FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificates.  Finally, International Life Flight is seeking to purchase a company which holds an FAA FAR Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate to conduct certain of its air ambulance operations thereunder.

Are the aircraft licensed by the FAA?

All International Life Flight aircraft are registered with the Federal Aviation Authority and maintain FAA compliance.

Is the aircraft used for other purposes besides an air ambulance?

International Life Flight’s aircraft are dedicated to providing critical care air ambulance transport services.

How much does an air ambulance flight cost?

Air ambulance services are the safest and fastest way to transport a patient requiring critical care over long distances. Flights can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Our Patient Advocates are adept at confirming or discovering insurance coverage for your air medical flight.  International Life Flight is committed to providing the most cost effective transportation while providing the highest quality of care. To receive a free quote or to determine whether there is insurance coverage, please call 1 (425) 320-6667 and speak with one of our Flight Coordinators.

Will my insurance pay for the flight?

Some insurance companies will pay for air ambulance transport, depending on your specific policy. Our Patient Advocates will work diligently on your behalf to determine if the flight is covered under one of more of your insurance policies – at no cost to you.  International Life Flight is typically not a provider of air ambulance services for Medicare/Medicaid.

Will International Life Flight work with my insurance company?

International Life Flight’s Patient Advocates are a powerful tool in obtaining and verifying coverage.  They will also solicit the payment from your insurance company. Our Flight Coordinators are experts at working with insurance companies to find coverage for the cost of your flight.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

At International Life Flight we have Flight Coordinators and Patient Advocates available to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

International – 001 (425) 320-6667

Administrative – (480) 420-4047

Or request a quote from this website.

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