International Life Flight

Foundation….the International Life Flight Foundation


Foundation….the International Life Flight Foundation

In 2014 International Life Flight created International Life Flight Foundation.  Our Foundation provides air ambulance services and medical escorts to the non-served and under-served in our society – those patients who languish without insurance or the resources to travel to a higher level of medical care, to travel to a location where family can assist in their healthcare and well-being, or just to travel back home, even if to die – in a familiar setting, in comfort, among family, friends, and a beloved pet animal.

The International Life Flight Foundation helps by making transportation alternatives a reality for those under-served, or un-served.  It is designed to serve newborns, the young, the elderly, the infirmed – those with neither a voice nor a choice – but a will to live on in health and in peace.   Even, if for only a short time.   Even just a few hours between loved ones has a tremendous value.  We know – we routinely transport such patients in our air ambulance equipped aircraft(s).

General Kelley

General Benjamin F. Kelley

Brevet Major General Benjamin Franklin Kelley is the 3X Great Grandfather of Thomas Kelley and the 4X Great Grandfather of Benjamin Franklin Kelley and Jackson Earl Thomas (“JET”) Kelley also of International Life Flight.

General Kelley was the architect of and lead the first land engagement of the Civil War when he advanced against Confederate troops in Philippi, Virginia, now Philippi, West Virginia.   Colonel Kelley had organized the First Virginia Infantry from Wheeling in western Virginia on the Ohio river.  Colonel Kelley was shot through the chest during the engagement and was it was expected that he would die from his wound.

Rather, quick treatment and transportation to a higher level of care saved Kelley’s life.  He would be moved by horse-drawn Civil War ambulance wagon from Philippi to receive an even higher level of care in a Grafton, a nearby town.  He would be transported yet again by a rather new service – locomotive train on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.  He ultimately recovered  to the degree he was able to resume command, and having been appointed Brigadier General by President Abraham Lincoln, saw over the safety and continuing operation of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad during the rest of the Civil War war.   On retirement from war, General Kelley devoted his estate at Swan Meadows, Maryland, to the recovery and well being of Civil War service horses.


Tom Kelley, Ben Kelley and Jackson Earl Thomas (JET) Kelley and Learjet N499BS

The General – ‘Old Ben Kelley’  as he was know – must have been quite a man!

Is it from the notion of speed of response, transportation, and the continued, qualified, medical care of General Kelley and his remarkable recovery that one can image the creation of the International Life Flight Foundation?  No, that was not the driving force behind the creation of this ‘first of its kind’ beneficial entity.  There are other closer, more touching personal stories.  Rather, the International Life Flight Foundation was created because we at International Life Flight air ambulance routinely see that patients from all walks and stations of life are neglected in the combination of medicine and transportation – without insurance coverage or other resources – and then simply languish and in many cases die as a result of the lack of the transportation component in their health care.   Our purpose is to help.

IMG_2040This is today’s ambulance.  A speedy Learjet – an air ambulance poised and ready on this day to transport a patient home.   Our goal is to fund the International Life Flight Foundation, and begin transporting by air ambulance those under-served and non-served individuals who cry out for equity, happiness, and life.  To inquire: International Life Flight Foundation, Inc., c/o The air Group, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, tel. 425.320-6667.  On August 11, 2014 the Internal Revenue Service provided International Life Flight Foundation Inc., with its letter 947 announcing that upon review of our application for tax exempt status….”we have determined that you are exempt from Federal tax income under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal revenue Code.   Contributions to you are deductible under section 170 0f the Code.  And, We determined that you are a public charity under the Code section(s) in the heading of this letter”  Sections 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).  DLN: 17053239369003.