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International Life Flight – Europe · Middle East · Africa

International Life Flight is continuing its global expansion program.

Air Independence GmbH






In February 2013, Dr. Bernard Otremba-Blanc of International Life Flight came to an agreement with Air Independence GmbH in Munich, ( Germany to jointly establish International Life Flight – Europe · Middle East · Africa, GmbH (“ILF-EMEA”) to be headquartered in Munich.  ILF-EMEA will serve the Middle East, from the eastern border of Pakistan to the Suez canal and Northern Africa, from the Suez canal to Morocco.

For that purpose, ILF-EMEA intends to establish flight bases in Dubai, Istanbul and Malta.

To be able to provide the same quality and reliability of service as International Life Flight does in the Americas, the following strategic partnerships were already established or under negotiations:

  • UAE: we are talking to an international operator of higher care facilities in Dubai and Kuwait.
  • Turkey: we have a strategic partnership with Detay Ltd in Antalya, with an office in Istanbul, for logistics and insurance issues. Detay is the Turkish representative of major European insurance companies.  Please visit, (  International Life Flight is also negotiating with an air ambulance company in Istanbul.
  • Egypt: our partner for Egypt is New Star Aviation Services, in Cairo  (
  • Libya: we have signed and exchanged an agreement with Refaq Medical Services who operate hospitals and emergency health centers throughout Libya (
  • Malta: we are in negotiations with an air ambulance in Luqa, Malta.

We have also for over one year, enjoyed a strategic relationship with the German ADAC Ambulance in Munich, Germany.