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Medical Escort & Commercial Medical Stretcher


Medical Escort & Commercial Medical Stretcher

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Medical Escort

Medical Escort services are available to patients who are fit enough to travel on a commercial airliner, with the assistance of one or more of International Life Flight’s medical staff. A Medical Escort can be a cost saving option for families who are unable to pay for a private air ambulance flight. However, Medical Escort services are not an alternative to air ambulance services, and therefore not every patient will qualify.  During a Medical Escort flight the patient and a medical provider from our staff will travel in business class on a commercial airline. Business class transport is necessary for patient comfort.  The patient is able to recline, and business or first class offers more elbow and leg room for the medical escort to attend to patient needs.

Another option for very long-range international travel is the Commercial Medical Stretcher.  The Commercial Medical Stretcher allows for a more typical air ambulance compliment of staff to care for the patient who must recline or is unconscious.   Depending on the medical condition and needs of the patient the medical escort or stretcher team will be an Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, or Physician, or any combination thereof. Any medical escort will be qualified to administer medications as ordered by the primary care physician and provide emergency aid.

Each airline has its own regulations and standards for medical escort flights or for commercial medical stretchers. Our Medical Flight Coordinators and Medical Escorts understand the commercial escort process and work with the airlines for medical approvals, ticketing and security screening.

For more information about Medical Escorts or Commercial Medical Stretcher please call us at 1 (425) 320-6667.