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Acute Life Support / Basic Life Support


Acute Life Support / Basic Life Support

Learjet Fast

Learjet FAST!

International Life Flight is committed to providing the highest standards of aviation and medical excellence.  Our Learjet aircraft are dedicated to longer range missions.  Rapid evacuation and cruising altitudes of 51,000 feet provide patients with the combination of optimal speed and comfort while receiving state-of-the-art clinical care.  The Lear is a mid-sized corporate jet capable of 550 mph, cruising comfortably with an extended range of nearly 1,600 miles.  Each aircraft has a minimum flight crew of two, a doctor or flight nurse and paramedic, a FAA-approved reclining medical bed, seating for one or two family members and a lavatory.  A fast aircraft minimizes the patient’s time enroute.  And, a fast Lear Jet returns to service quickly, ready for the next mission.  Our jet aircraft are licensed as air ambulance vehicles, are pressurized, climate controlled, and are configured with a state-of-the-art Med-Pac reclining medical bed with built in oxygen, suction, air compressor, and inverter.  IAMS provides an ICU environment with cardiac monitoring, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, IV infusion pumps, pulse oximetry, emergency medication, defibrillation with pacing capabilities, and advanced airway management.

Our medical crew members are able to communicate directly with emergency room physicians at any point in the flight.

President Tom Kelley was formerly employed as the Staff Attorney for the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport Authority and brings extensive aviation and corporate legal experience to International Life Flight.  Kelley was also a founder, Board member, shareholder, executive manager and corporate administrator at Native American Air Ambulance, a regional air ambulance.  Kelley helped in raising the bar of the local and regional (Arizona) air ambulance industry through his involvement as a founder of Native Air.  Native Air introduced notably higher standards to the local/regional environment.  The company routinely conducted six thousand missions per year from eleven bases.  Kelley has 3 wonderful children.  He has a degree in Biology from a prestigious Midwestern University and a Juris Doctor degree from William Mitchell College of Law.

International Life Flight provides experienced flight medical crews for:

Acute Life Support (ALS) Critical Care Air Medical Transportation

Critical Care patients are severely ill or injured and require the most intensive level of care. To meet their care needs, the medical flight crew on a Critical Care air ambulance transport may include a physician or other medical staff with specialty training. Critical Care patients are unable to travel commercially and require private air ambulance transport services.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Air Medical Transportation

Basic Life Support patients typically need only minimal external life support but require regular monitoring or have the potential for needing medical care during transport. Additional flight care may be required in the form of cardiac defibrillation, dysrhythmia monitoring and control, medication management and respiratory care.

For more information about Acute Life Support or Basic Life Support or any of our Services please call us at 1 (425) 320-6667.