International Life Flight




Hi Tom,

I just want to thank you very much for getting us home when we wanted.   We had such wonderful treatment and care, from door to door.   Many thanks and will recommend you to anyone in need!

All the Best,

Marcia Blevins


Imagine yourself on a cruise.

“I remember thinking to myself – the kids are home safe, the weather is beautiful, and this trip of a lifetime will be everything it is anticipated to be.  Then…my husband had a stroke.  What should I do?  The immediate response on the Cruise Ship was excellent.  They made us comfortable.  But when we disembarked, our medical concerns began.  First we were transported to a foreign rural care unit.  After that we were moved to a middle-sized foreign city.  But still, everything had changed for us.  Even though it was apparent that my husband had had a stroke, we were given only aspirin.  We sat in the waiting room.  I requested a pillow and was denied.  Several consultations later, I was told that it will be at least 3 – 4 days before my husband will be admitted to the neurological unit for examination.  With panic and fear, I called my daughter in California.  She is a nurse.  She called International Life Flight.

Three conversations and less than 24 hours later the air ambulance crew picked us up from the foreign hospital.  My thanks go out to Laura and Gary!  This was the first time I felt relief.  They were professionals, they spoke my language, and they handled the situation.  Their demeanor calmed and reassured us as we then went from hospital to aircraft, and home.  Once in the air ambulance Lear Jet, exhausted, my husband and I slept.  From this confusion came the welcomed admittance into our home network hospital.  And, the beginning of comprehensive care and a road to recovery.

Please praise International Life Flight and air medical flight team Laura and Gary.”




“Words cannot offer the appreciation I feel for you all!  Amazing, may be a good start.  All of you worked way past beyond the call, in every respect.  I can only start by offering another thank you.”

Elyse, Sr. Specialist, Human Resource Department….


“We are now back in Utah  -Yeah!!!  Mark was life flighted yesterday from Las Vegas to Provo.  He’s now at the local hospital.  They specialize in vent weaning and spinal cord injuries.  It is a long term facility with ‘one on one’ constant care.  I feel so blessed to be here.  Since arrival they have had staff caring and working on him non-stop.  The spirit is so strong here he woke up this morning with a smile.  It melted my heart.  Then, he asked me if  I slept comfortable.  What a confirmation (that) we as a family made the right choice to move him here.”

Tina G.


“Just wanted to thank you again for arranging such a seamless transfer for my mother last weekend. The process could not have gone any smoother; everyone involved was so kind and helpful. Being up in the clouds was the highlight of my mother’s day!

I will certainly recommend your company to anyone I know who is in need of long distance medical transfer.”

             Warm regards,